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I cannot render my feet in 3D all that well, what might be happening?

To correctly generate the foot in 3D from the three photos, it is important that you:

  • Do not move your foot on the sheet of appear while you take the three photos. If you have moved your foot in one or more of the photos in relation to the position of the previous photo, the system will return an error.
  • The four corners of the paper and the entire foot have to appear in the three photos.

Using the mobile App: Remember that the silhouette of the foot and the page of paper that the application displays to help you focus the camera are merely indicative. They are only there to help you position the camera correctly. It is normal not to be able to fit the page and the foot onto the silhouette at the same time. Don’t worry if the foot and the page protrude from the silhouette, what is important is that the four corners of the page and the foot can be seen in the image.

Using a camera: Check that the picture you have uploaded to the web coincides with the reference image and that it is properly positioned.

You can see detailed instructions on how to take the photos in "My feet", "Camera" or by following the instructions that appear on the mobile App.

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