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How can I obtain my SUNfeet?

All you have to do is visit and start the customisation and purchasing process described below.

The SUNfeet products that appear on this site may be only be purchased for delivery to one of the following countries: Spain (with the exception of Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands), Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland. You can see the prices in the Tariffs section. The sale of SUNfeet products by means of this service shall be construed as having been made in Valencia (Spain) irrespective of the place of delivery of the goods.


  1. In My style, choose the insoles that best adapt to your aesthetics and to the activity you are going to perform.
  2. Then, in My feet, take a picture of your feet.
  3. We will use these photos to generate a 3D model of your feet.
  4. With your style, your data and the 3D model of your foot, SUNfeet designs your insoles.
  5. You can then complete your order in my SUNfeet. Once you have filled in your data, we will deliver your insoles to your home within 21 days so that you can begin to enjoy them.
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