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SUNfeet is the insole customisation service that the Instituto de Biomecánica has created to improve the comfort of your footwear so that you can keep up with your lifestyle without having to worry about your feet. SUNfeet insoles combine functionality and style.

Featuring an innovative design and taking advantage of advances in mobile telephony, the original 3D foot-measuring technology has been entirely developed by the Instituto de Biomecánica to create an anatomic base that is customised to the shape of your feet.By selecting the type of insole you prefer (casual, sport or dress) and by entering your data (weight, height and age), you can adjust the design (materials and thicknesses) to your needs, thereby obtaining maximum ergonomic and functional performance. The proposed prints and colours and the personalised message will allow you to adapt them to your style and identity.

The SUNfeet system scans your feet to adjust the anatomical shape of the insole to their shape, thereby obtaining maximum ergonomic performance and comfort. Our configurator also offers numerous possibilities to ensure that the aesthetics of the insole adapt to your style and are just as you would like them to be.

No, SUNfeet insoles are designed to improve comfort and to prevent foot-related problems but they are not designed to treat pathologies.

Using comfort insoles reduces foot discomfort during daily activity. Due to age and intense activity, feet deteriorate. Keep your feet healthy by caring for them with SUNfeet insoles.


  • SUNfeet protects your joints by cushioning them from impacts.
  • The anatomical base improves the control of the movements of the foot and provides stability.
  • SUNfeet adapts to the shape of your foot. It distributes pressure and reduces discomfort after hours of walking or standing.


  • The flexible anatomical base adapts to your foot, each step you take.
  • It eliminates moisture at the parts of the foot that come into contact with the insole.
  • The antibacterial treatment of the linings provides freshness and fulfils a hygienic function.

For more information, see THE INSOLES in our website.

At the moment there are three models: casual, sport and dress. Each one adapts to the type of activity you perform with them.

Sports: Suitable for practising sport. It features a cushioning heel insert that absorbs impacts and a front insert that feeds back energy to facilitate drive. The customised anatomical plate improves stability and movement control.

Elegant: Is not as thick as the sport or the casual insoles in order to ensure it fits as ideally as possible to this type of footwear, which generally tends to be a little tighter. It features a front insert to drain away the high pressures beneath the metatarsal phalange joints.

Casual: suitable for improving the comfort of casual, everyday fashion footwear. It reduces fatigue and discomfort on the sole of the foot at the end of a day of intense activity.

We will add more insole models in due course. Please do not hesitate to send any suggestions you may have to

All you have to do is visit and start the customisation and purchasing process described below.

The SUNfeet products that appear on this site may be only be purchased for delivery to one of the following countries: Spain (with the exception of Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands), Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland. You can see the prices in the Tariffs section. The sale of SUNfeet products by means of this service shall be construed as having been made in Valencia (Spain) irrespective of the place of delivery of the goods.


  1. In My style, choose the insoles that best adapt to your aesthetics and to the activity you are going to perform.
  2. Then, in My feet, take a picture of your feet.
  3. We will use these photos to generate a 3D model of your feet.
  4. With your style, your data and the 3D model of your foot, SUNfeet designs your insoles.
  5. You can then complete your order in my SUNfeet. Once you have filled in your data, we will deliver your insoles to your home within 21 days so that you can begin to enjoy them.

You can use SUNfeet insoles in shoes with heels up to two centimetres high. For this type of footwear, we recommend you choose the dress insole. It is a thinner insole that fits this type of footwear which generally tends to be a little tighter.

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