The use of comfort insoles mitigates the pain that appears in the foot during the daily activity. Due to the age and the intense physical activity , feet are deteriorating .

Take care of your feet with SUNfeet and keep them healthier for longer:

  • SUNfeet gives extra protection for your joints: shock absorbing insoles
  • The anatomic basis improves control of the foot movements, providing stability.
  • SUNfeet adapts to the shape of your foot.


  • The flexible anatomic basis adapts to the foot on each step
  • Removes moisture in the areas of foot contact with the insoles.
  • The antibacterial treatment of the linings provides freshness and hygienic function.


SUNfeet protects your joints, absorbing the impacts.
Arch support controls foot movement, providing stability.
SUNfeet adapts to your foot shape. Pressure is redistributed, reducing discomfort after hours of activity.
Flexible arch suppot shell adapts to your foot on each step.
Removing moisture in contact areas between foot and insole.
Antibacterial treatment of lining is fungicidal and keeps feet fresh.
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